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New Life Campaign

2021 - 2024

“...the old things are passed away;

behold, new things have come.”

2 Corinthians 5:17

For the next three years, our church is committing itself to a new trajectory of faithful service to Jesus Christ in worship, witness, and mission. 

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For the past 18 months, we have prayed for and longed for the time we could move beyond the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic...

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After listening to God, our leadership has discerned that now is the time for our church to intentionally press forward with plans for a bold future for GBUMC. 

New Life Capital Campaign

We begin with the basics: making disciples of Jesus Christ. The adjustments required of our church during the pandemic shutdown taught us that reaching people with the gospel can be accomplished in new ways.


With changes already underway, we are planning to significantly engage more than 5,000 persons each week in person and online. Our goal is for each classroom to have the latest technologies facilitating small groups, classes, support groups, and training events.


We will enhance our cradle-to-grave discipleship culture allowing people to know and experience the love and power of God at every age and stage of life. 

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Years ago, our church made a covenant with the City of Gulf Breeze and with area churches to be an active partner in recovery efforts following natural disasters. Our kitchen and the church's food service ministry are being renovated and renewed to stand up to this commitment. Currently, our Methodist Meals mission brings weekday lunches to more than 60 participants. With your support, our kitchen ministry will soon be able to meet the foodservice needs of our congregation and the community. 


The Gilmore Fellowship Hall is currently undergoing renovation to accommodate groups for fellowship, learning, and support. The end result will be a warm and inviting space for gathering and growing together. 

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Before the pandemic, the church leadership had approved a construction and renovation plan for the central spaces in our main building.


The end result has been the beautiful Reception Hall, new Book Place setting, Commons area, and the arcades connecting our buildings. These inviting and functional spaces were supported by a warming pantry, restrooms, and plans for a coffee bar.


Generous lead gifts made the initial stages of this project possible; then, the shutdown occurred. Fortunately, the construction continued and a bank loan was secured to finish the project. It was decided that the congregation would be approached for support at the appropriate time in the future. 

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Our church buildings have borne the brunt of the harsh conditions dealt out by coastal weather. The roof systems have been patched and repaired during our routine and emergency maintenance work. The Trustees knew the need and planned for making these necessary roofing replacements and repairs. 

Over the next three years, our church will raise funds for these New Life objectives.

The goal of raising $1.5 million will achieve these goals. Approximately $1,000,000 will pay off the construction loan and legacy indebtedness, $450,000 will repair, restore, and renew our buildings, and $50,000 will allow our electronic communication and Internet capacities to become fully functional campus-wide and far beyond. 

We need your help with this campaign! As we each sacrifice beyond the tithe, the New Life found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be brought through GBUMC and into many, many lives. May we be found faithful!


Thank you for supporting the New Life Campaign!

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