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The Prism Project

The GBUMC prism and cross are inspirational and unique symbols of the glory of God seen through the love of Jesus Christ and in our mission of hospitality, hope, and healing.

In 2011 the symbol of the glorified cross ceased to shine due to issues caused by severe water intrusion. We are
excited to offer an opportunity to contribute to the restoration of this unique and distinctive GBUMC icon of God’s presence in our sanctuary.

​After years of seeking a solution to the darkened prism, our leaders approached Mr. Scott Sallis, AIA in conversation. Scott, at the beginning of his architectural career, had worked with Bill Graves. Scott recalled the concept, design, and beauty of the prism and cross symbol in our sanctuary. Upon invitation, he came to inspect the bell tower and prism. To his delight, he discovered the repairs to the water intrusion issues and the bell tower interior access made an ideal situation for installation of a 21st century skylight solution.
Scott prepared a detailed presentation for our church leadership and their hearts were won for moving ahead with the restoration of the prism.

"Years ago, when given opportunity to expand the GBUMC sanctuary, I was inspired by Bill Graves’ and Herb Sadler’s vision to use God’s light to touch the hearts of people in worship. It is a blessing to be invited back into a place where we can work together to bring God’s creation into worship and affect those who pause and worship in this holy space."

This Prism Project has an estimated cost of $400,000 and will be funded solely with donations to the project.


The concept of the cross and the prism originated in the mid 1990's according to Dr. Herb Sadler when two things occurred simultaneously at GBUMC: rapid growth and the discovery of the church’s unique mission.

“The church had come to realize that God had planted our church to deliver God’s hospitality, hope and healing to all people. Enlargement of the chancel area became necessary, and this reality gave rise to a creative expression of God’s presence.


“Bill Graves had been the architect for the sanctuary construction and he was named to design the renovation and expansion. It was at this time that Bill and I returned to an idea that he had raised in 1981-1983 when the sanctuary was built: a prism in a bell tower that would disperse light and display a rainbow across the chancel wall.


“Bill and I had conversations about his vision. I loved the idea of a rainbow; it was God’s symbol in Genesis of His covenant with all creation and it would be a vivid, colorful expression of hope (the core message of GBUMC). But to tell the whole gospel story the cross was needed. So, out of our conversations emerged the possibility of moving the large, rugged cross from behind the altar table, lifting it high on the chancel wall, and seeking to splash a rainbow across it. It would be at once both a crucifixion and resurrection symbol.”

- Dr. Herb Sadler

How to Contribute

Or mail your check to:
Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church
75 Fairpoint Dr. Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
(Memo: Prism Project)

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