United Methodist Women

Faith, hope and love in action: If you are a woman who wants to grow spiritually, shares a concern for women and children and needs to be a part of a supportive community. Become a member of United Methodist Women. 


Circle Meetings

Mary Miller
Second Monday. 6:00 pm. Fairpoint Campus. Contact Maxine Lesesne: eflesesne@gmail.com
Rachel-Mae Gilmore
Second Thursday. 9:30 am. Fairpoint Campus. Contact Margaret Nietfeld: menietfeld@gmail.com

Lillie Parris
Third Tuesday. 9:30 am. Fairpoint Campus. Contact Gayle Monserrate: gaylemonserrate@gmail.com

General Circle Information: Contact Peggy Wright: (850)529-3035

UMW Officers

President: Alice Hill autumnhillranch@gmail.com  
Vice President: Glenda Triemer Triemer.gtriemer@bellsouth.net
Treasurer: Ellen Williams omawill@cs.com
Recording Secretary: Carol Ascherfeld rcascherfeld@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary: Open