Disaster Relief Buckets

When we work together as a community we can accom-plish great things. GBUMC and Firehouse Subs are working together to help Hurricane victims get their homes and lives restored. By donating hurricane relief supplies you are making a difference in someone else’s life. Our goal is to fill 200 plus Firehouse Subs buckets with supplies. Please gather supplies and drop them off at the Gulf Breeze Firehouse Subs in Proper, Publix in Gulf Breeze and GBUMC. Please include an enclosed letter/prayer or both with the supplies to go to an individual family. We hope you can help us help others!

ā¯–Monetary donations accepted. Make checks to GBUMC-Bucket Re-lief.

Relief Bucket Supplies 

1.1 16oz Bottle Water 
2.1 20oz Gatorade 
3.1 Retractable Utility Knife  
4.1 2pk Sharpie Markers 
5.1 small Note Pad 
6.1 6pk Cheese crackers 
7.1 6pk Peanut Butter Crackers 
8.2 Granola Bars (NO CHOCOLATE) 
9.2 Slim Jims 
10.1 pk Mints 
11.1 8-12 Count Zip Ties  
12.6 Heavy Duty Draw-string Black Trash Bags
13.8oz Hand Sanitizer 
14.1 20 count Wet Wipes 
15.2qt Regular Clorox Bleach 
16.32oz Spray Bottle

17.1pk Multi-Use Reusable Hani Wipes 

18.1pk nose/mouth mask

19.1 Small First Aid Kit 

20.1 12oz Dish Soap 

21.1 24oz. Mr. Clean or Pine-sol

22.1 Pair Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves 

23.1 16oz Load Liquid Tide 

24.1 QT Odo Ban (disin-fectant) 

PLEASE TURN IN SUPPLIES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  Estimated cost of each bucket is $50.